Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halal Heroes

On August 28, Stephanie and I had the opportunity to experience college nightlife in the city! After a casual and quick run-in with Alec Baldwin on University Pl., we ventured off to our first frat party. It was toga-themed, and I was somewhat taken aback, thinking that that sort of greek life only existed in books and television. But alas, it was just your typical grimy and gross mess of "turnt-up" sloppy teenagers, worth no more than thirty minutes of our time (and a cover fee of $5.00). After escaping the frat, we continued the night at a much more laid-back and lax dorm party. After a few rounds of "drenga" (drunk jenga), the partying girls started to become thirsty (for things other than alcohol), so we left, finding ourselves out on the streets of NYC for a second time in one night. We wandered off to a halal food cart, hoping to eat some scrumptious platters with enough white sauce blessed by the gods themselves. In a twist of events, we ran into a drugged-out NYU student who nearly destroyed our sacred establishment due to her serious case of munchies. After rescuing our beloved cart and finding non-turnt-up friends for the seriously-turnt-up girl, we returned to our dorms, not just as students but as heroes.

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