Monday, August 5, 2013

Karen and Stephanie's Car Playlist

  • This Modern Love by Bloc Party
  • Plans by Bloc Party
  • Northern Lights by Cider Sky
  • Stranger Things by Local Natives
  • Try by The xx
  • Love is Greed by Passion Pit
  • Clarity by Zedd
It was the heartache and heartbreak of our senior year that inspired this seven song set. In the middle of January, we both found ourselves fighting a wintery battle with our emotions. We were stuck in a romantic drama (with some minor comedic elements), and not quite sure how to asses, change, or remedy our situations. With nothing to do, we compiled a list of songs that represented our internal and external conflicts...feelings of unrequitedness, fears of leaving too many things unsaid, pains of desire etc. etc. Even though our not-so glamorous High School Musical has reached a conclusion, these songs still carry a lot of sentiment. From time to time, we find ourselves blasting these tunes on those open nighttime roads. Whether our adventures lead us to the local canal or the 24 hour diner, we can always count on this playlist for accompanying us along the way. 

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