Sunday, December 15, 2013

Black Friday

My cousin Monica and I are notorious shopaholics in the family. So, naturally we leave the thanksgiving party early to begin our Black Friday shopping. I find it quite interesting how our day of thanks was cut short thanks to excessive consumerism and spending (but that's another thought for another day for another blog). Every year, Monica and I look forward to the 50% off sale at Urban Outfitters. The doors to UO opened early this year, and we were some of the lucky few to enter first. It's always pretty hectic those first few minutes, entire racks are ripped clean. I managed to grab a handful of clothes (all black of course) to add to my wardrobe. Monica's selection, on the other hand, is much more colorful. Here is the dichotomy:
$13 Velvet Leggings: Forever 21 
$20 Black Chiffon Top: Urban Outfitters 
Black Boot Heels: Target 

$5 Oversized Blazer with Leather Sleeves: Urban outfitters
$5 Velvet Top: Urban Outfitters
$8 Leather Leggings: Forever 21 
$20 Heels (not depicted): Forever 21 

Happy Shopping,

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