Monday, October 21, 2013

West Village Food Tour

 Our food tour began at Profettos, a cute little Italian shop located in the heart of West Village. Here, we sampled the tastiest pumpkin ravioli with sage butter (as depicted in the pictures). Our faculty fellow, who doubled as the leader of the tour, also grabbed some truffle ravioli and arugula and ricotta ravioli for our "end of tour dinner". I highly reccommend ravioli from this shop, it's practically life changing (Stephanie had 22 pieces)! 
After Profettos, we found ourselves in Faicco's, an Italian butcher shop known for their variety of sausages. Here, we sampled sweet sopressatta and rice balls (and I can't wait to go back for more)! According to our faculty fellow, they serve some awesome hoagies, so I definitely have to check those out in the near future. 
 We also wandered into a cheese store, where we sampled foregras and truffle spreads on bread. For our dinner, our faculty fellow bought a selection of olives, parmesan cheese, and baguettes. Interestingly enough, I almost stole these two baguettes from the store, just call me 24601. If you don't get the Les Mis reference, I suggest you watch the movie ASAP! 
Our tour ended at Rocco's, where we picked up cannoli for dessert! During our senior year, Stephanie and I would plan sporadic trips to this Italian bakery in Plainsboro, and these cannoli were very reminiscent of that. 

The "End of Tour Dinner" Menu
Truffle ravioli with freshly grated parmesan cheese
Arugula and ricotta with pesto, tomato and basil sauce
Roasted cauliflower
Broccoli rabe 

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